Pay Rates for Hosting Students

Hosting students is not all about the money, though 'every little helps' as the saying goes! Whilst hosting won't make you rich financially, it should at least cover your additional costs in having a guest in your home.

Because we cater to different types of student (age, needs, diet, expectations ...) we have different categories of homestay accommodation. We present these on our website here and it is up to our students to choose which one they are comfortable with.

Rates of pay

Category £/week
Regular £175.00/week
Premium £231.00/week
Executive £294.00/week

Payments are usually made by BACS transfer on the first Tuesday after the student begins their course, and the money reaches your account on the third working day (Thursday) of the student's first week. We usually pay in 2-week batches, so if your student is with you 4 weeks you will receive 2 payments, one in week 1 and another in week 3.

The rate per week covers 7 nights. Usually students arrive on a Sunday and leave on a Saturday after their course finishes. In this case it's your good fortune and we still pay you the full weekly rate! If students arrive and leave on a Saturday or Sunday you should regard this as what they've paid for - please don't ask for an extra night's money.

If you have any questions regarding payments please contact us, or ask during your home visit.

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