Requirements for being a homestay family

If you think you may like to be a host for our adults please read the basic requirements below and then if you are happy with these fill in the form.

  • You need to be available for the whole of a course period - if a student has booked for say 3 weeks you need to host them for the whole period. If you have a holiday booked half way through let us know when you are offered a student.
  • You are expected to provide a friendly, welcoming environment, own bedroom, shared bathroom, breakfast and evening meal every day, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday if the student is at home. Read our documentation here.
  • You must live within Worcester city boundary and be on a bus route to the city centre if not within walking distance as the students will need to get to lessons every day as well as social events on some evenings. See note on rugby students.
  • The payment is 'per person per week'. See the page on Pay Rates for details. Payments are made every two weeks directly into your bank account.

Please note :

We have 'cluster' areas of the city where we like to put students. This is so they can walk in and out of the city centre every day, and so that when we organise evening activities the transport arrangements are simpler. Our cluster areas are Barbourne/Northwick, St.Johns, and Battenhall/London Road. Having said that, if you live in an area within easy walking distance of the city centre not mentioned, please do get in touch!

We hope that we can place a student with you but cannot guarantee this - even once you are accepted on our register. Like any market place, we are subject to supply and demand of both students and homestay families, but we will always do our best for you.

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Kingsway English Centre in 1960

Kingsway English Centre in 2014